How is blockchain mitigating Covid-19 related supply chain disruption?

About the webinar

The session was designed to illustrate the role that blockchain based solutions can play in accelerating effective post-pandemic digital transformation initiatives.

While true-believers have always maintained that the technology can positively aid supply chain networks, it’s taken the disruption of Covid-19 to reignite interest in blockchain to a wider mainstream audience.

Advocates insist that blockchains give users not only a high-degree of data visibility but also end-to-end transaction security and accuracy.

The webinar content focused on the role the technology is playing in reinventing supply chain networks over next 12-24 months (including enhancing decision-making, reducing fraud and theft, cutting bureaucracy and improving identity affirmation)

Key talking points that were addressed are:

  • The need for connected and integrated supply chains 
  • Blockchain’s potential to create a better supply system and network
  • UAE’s ambition to be a go-to destination for blockchain adoption
  • Best practice examples from across the region (build transparent, inter-operable and connective networks)

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