Forecasting future demand for logistics and warehouse space

About the webinar

Macroeconomic factors, tenant needs, last-mile delivery and ever-rapid technology developments are all factors that are reshaping the demand and design for warehousing and logistic networks across the region.

While COVID-19 has caused disruption to the industrial real estate market, it is a sector more resilient than most too effectively deal with the long-term consequences. As operators pivot to deal with the long-term ramifications of the pandemic, supply chain strategies will be overhauled and this will lead to a resulting boost in warehousing demand.

This webinar session discussed the strategic evolution of supply chain strategies and focused on the growing demand to satisfy inventory controls, supply chain diversification and e-commerce needs.

Key talking points that were addressed are:

  • An overview of the industrial real estate market in the GCC
  • Factors driving investment and demand in the warehouse industry
  • The evolution of technology and its impact on the use of space
  • Mitigating the impact of COVID-19
  • On-demand and flexible warehousing space  

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