Improving supply chain management through adopting tech-enabled business models

About the webinar

Industrial and manufacturing supply-chains across the region are embracing technologies at a rapid pace. Lean and agile business models are being developed, as operators continually look to maintain their commercial competitive edge and achieve an enhanced level of operational effectiveness.

This webinar session discussed the evolution of digital supply chain business models which help companies maximise productivity, minimize risk and enable innovation.

The content specifically focused on the evolving supply chain landscape in these unprecedented times and a particular focus was placed on the need for building flexible end-to-end solutions resilient to disruption.

Key talking points that were addressed are:

  • Mega trends impacting the development of supply chains
  • Identifying emerging technologies to enhance supply chain performance¬†
  • Future-proofing your supply chain to support decision-making
  • Post COVID-19 learnings re designing operational business models¬†
  • Best practice industry insights & perspectives

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