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2 - 4 Nov, 2021 Dubai Exhibition Centre Visitor Registration

One location, two shows!

Hypermotion Dubai - Hypermotion Lab

Hypermotion Dubai is a new forum designed for pioneers who have successfully harnessed disruptive digital technologies for the future movement of goods, people and services.

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Witness the brightest technology minds collaborate with future-focused transport operators


Hypermotion Dubai brings you 100+ startups, tech giants, top industry brands and future innovators.

4 world leading conferences

Join the Hypermotion Dubai community and be at the heart of the conversation regarding next-generation digital technology development and adoption

Hypermotion Lab

Hypermotion Dubai - Hypermotion Lab

With a focus on autonomous vehicles, urban air mobility and next-generation connectivity amongst other topics, attendees will gain genuine insight into the future solutions being developed in the mobility and logistics arena.

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Digital Cities

Hypermotion Dubai - Scalex

Cities around the world are growing at an unprecedented rate. The challenges will be considerable. Not only do Cities continually need to expand, but they need to function effectively day-to-day and become resilient enough to withstand all the shocks the future will bring.

Today, a city’s ability to be competitive, whilst supporting the economic/ social wellbeing of its citizens, can be undermined by risks from climate change to infrastructure deficit, and unplanned growth to pandemics.

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Smart Mobility

Hypermotion Dubai - Smart Mobility Conference

A platform which brings together industry-defining game-changers and innovators, those shaping the mass transit industry in the UAE and wider region.

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Digital Logistics & SCALEX

Hypermotion Dubai - Digital Logistics Conference

Focusing on the constant quest for ever-efficient last-mile delivery (across all modes of transport). Customers increasingly want full transparency, enhanced service levels and increased flexibility. Innovative new perspectives will be discussed as the industry embraces new digital solutions.

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