2019 Featured Products

Materials Handling Middle East - ACME conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems

ACME shall be exhibiting its range of pallet conveyors manufactured at its Jebel Ali facility. Designed as a modular system, these conveyors are energy efficient and reliable. ACME Pallet system conveyors are capable of carrying a wide range of pallets upto a capacity of 1500kgs

Materials Handling Middle East - ACME Kardex Vertical Shuttle System

Kardex Vertical Shuttle System

ACME is proud to announce its partnership with market leaders Kardex Remstar and will be showcasing the modular Shuttle XP at MHME. Designed to provide flexible, high density material handling, these systems can save upto 85% of floor space and dramatically increase productivity. At MHME, ACME shall be having live demonstration of how Shuttle XP can improve warehouse productivity.

Materials Handling Middle East - ACME Leuze sensors

Leuze Electronic

With more than 50 years of experience, Leuze is a true expert in innovative and efficient sensor solutions for industrial automation. At MHME 2019, ACME shall be showcasing Leuze’s range of sensors catering to the intralogistics and material handling industry.

Materials Handling Middle East - Dematic Robotic Piece Picking Module

Dematic Robotic Piece Picking Module

The Dematic Robotic Piece Picking Module is designed to improve accuracy and productivity during the last touch of the fulfillment process where items of varying sizes and shapes are processed.Traditionally this was a manual process, but the Robotic Piece Picking Module completes the automation of the fulfillment chain. The module selects, grips, lifts and places individual items of varying sizes into containers or bins to complete a shipment. It delivers pick rates of 600–1,200 items per hour ensuring on time delivery of a wide variety of SKUs, such as personal care items, cosmetics, packaged food, office supplies and variety of other package types, shapes and fragility.

Materials Handling Middle East - Dematic Multishuttle

Dematic Multishuttle®

Dematic Multishuttle®  is a highly effective system for buffering totes, cartons, trays or individual bundles. It is an efficient staging solution that offers space saving storage and buffering with a high storage density and maximum operational

Therefore it reponds intralogistics trends like: rapid product growth, small batch sizes, higher performance requirements, sequence based provision and a wide range of load handling devices.

Dematic Multishuttle®  is ideal for supplying product to piece pick order fulfilment modules or mixed case palletbuilding operations. It can also serve as a pick face replenishment solution. In addition, it can be applied as a short term buffer storage system or as a manufacturing support subsystem for production operations.

Materials Handling Middle East - Dematic automated guided vehicles

Dematic automated guided vehicles 

Dematic automated guided vehicles (AGV) are unmanned industrial trucks and they are the engine-room of our fully automated transport and storage systems. They are used in all sorts of industries, to transport and store all kinds of products and materials. Dematic AGVs automatically lift, rotate and shift your goods, fetch and carry loads to and from racking, store and retrieve in block-stacks or deep-stack lanes, transport product over long distances, deliver and collect at conveyors or process machines, etc. Equally at home in the factory, the warehouse, in distribution or in shipping areas, they are the safe and secure way to increase process efficiency and improve business profitability; all without human intervention.

Materials Handling Middle East - Dematic RapidStore

Dematic RapidStore

Covering the unit loads in a pallet warehouse, Dematic RapidStore UL machines are fast, reliable, accurate storage and retrieval machines, purpose designed to optimise cube utilisation and reduce materials handling costs. Unique application knowledge and machine design skills make Dematic RapidStore UL machines in combination with conveyor technology for the ideal choice in automated pallet warehouses to handle pallets reliable, safe, efficient, long lasting and to meet a wide range of applications.

Materials Handling Middle East - Dematic AutoStore


Dematic is the worldwide distributor of AutoStore®, a compact and cost-effective storage and goods-to-person order picking system for small items and packages. It can be easily integrated into any type of warehouse, both existing and new. An aluminum grid provides the storage space for a wide range of goods. The size and form of the grid only depend on the warehouse around it and ensure optimal space usage.

The goods themselves are stored in plastic bins inside the grid stacked on top of each other. Intelligent robots run on top of the grid and hoist the plastic bins in and out of the grid, move them on for further processing and transfer them via conveyors, carousel or lift ports, to order picking operators.  

Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) Applications

MT15 (1133) - Applications

  • Short distance transportation
  • City delivery
  • Easy and precise operation in tight/restricted areas
Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) Controls

MT15 (1133) - Controls

Traction and lift controlled from the ergonomic tiller

Butterfly button allows the truck to be operated with precision and is accessible by both hands

Proofed emergency button and reliable discharge indicator

Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) Drive Unit

MT15 (1133) - Drive Unit

DC drive motor: Extends uptime between maintenance intervals, reduces the service cost

Curtis Controller, low energy consumption, low failure rate

Adjustable parameters: travel speed, acceleration

Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) Battery

MT15 (1133) - Battery

Built-in charger: The operator can charge anytime and anywhere for a more convenient use

Equipped with a gel battery

2x12V 85Ah maintenance-free battery capacity

Maintenance-free battery saves service cost

Battery Over discharge Protection with automatic lift cut-off function when 20% rest capacity for higher battery lifetime

Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) 3+2 Configuration

MT15 (1133) - 3+2 Configuration

Castor wheel system: provides more stability when cornering and avoids scraping

Additional entry rollers: ensure easy pallet entry and prevent possible damages

Tandem Load Wheels address uneven floor, easy to go through groove and enter elevator. Dedicated for closed pallet

Robust chassis with reinforced fork-structure

Materials Handling Middle East - FAMCO MT15 (1133) Safety

MT15 (1133) - Safety

Electromechanical brake when the tiller arm is at vertical position

Automatic braking when releasing the butterfly button

Robust metal cover provides full protection on drive system and also provides perfect foot protection

Low-mounted & long tiller ensures enough safety distance between the driver and truck

Materials Handling Middle East - IQ Robotics Quciktron AGV

IQ Robotics is a technology company that provides cutting edge integrated solutions to the supply chain and logistics industries through fully automated solutions powered by robotics and AI. The unique solutions are carefully tailored to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining a high return on investment. Welcome to an intelligent future.

Materials Handling Middle East - SPAN Storeganizer


An innovative high density storage system. Storeganizer ingeniously optimizes storage costs per square metre through columns of easy-to-reach, square industrial fabric pockets hung vertically. They are lightweight yet can hold 100 kg per column and can be guaranteed for up to 10 years. This way you can cost-effectively optimize the use of rack space. 

Thanks to its universal hanging system, the Storeganizer slim fit pockets are easily installed. Columns can be efficiently stacked up to three rows deep, sliding left/right on rollers for easy access to pockets in the back.

Materials Handling Middle East - SPAN Reach Truck ETV 216i

Reach Truck ETV 216i :  The world’s first reach truck with integrated  Lithium Ion battery

The new agile and innovative ETV 216i Reach Truck is the ideal solution for effective and safe stacking and retrieval operations as well as the provision of pallets for order picking. 

The integration of the lithium-ion battery enabled a complete redesign of the truck. Its extremely compact size allows flexible 24/7 use thanks to its boost and interim charging capabilities – even in multi-shift operations. Fast lifting and pushing speeds significantly increase the throughput of pallets compared to conventional reach trucks. In addition, the operator has an ergonomic workstation which offers a spacious cab, optimal all-round visibility and ideal operating conditions. The innovative construction of the ETV 216i creates the basis for maximum ergonomics and safety. Smart assistance systems such as positionCONTROL or operationCONTROL and a tailor-made operating concept enable fatigue-free, productive operations. 

  1. Integrated Li-ion battery with extremely short charging times
  2. Larger driver´s cabin with improved ergonomics
  3. Perfect view of wheel arms and load (No presence of large battery behind the mast)
  4. 23 % higher lifting speed thanks to optimised design
  5. Completely new vehicle concept with greater residual capacity

Span will also introduce a Virtual Reality Simulator of the Jungheinrich VNA Truck at the Exhibition. The virtual reality technology eases the learning curve and boosts confidence by enabling operators to test their skills on a stationary truck. Visitors could experience at first hand the virtual reality VNA truck using its full controls allowing them to see the advantages of the Warehouse Navigation System by Jungheinrich (Semi-Automation) which can increase operational throughput by up to 25%. 

The Simulator is designed as well to train operators for driving Jungheinrich VNA Truck within Narrow Aisles Warehouses while handling pallets and familiarizing themselves with truck's controls and functions. 

Materials Handling Middle East - SPAN Treston Ergonomic workbenches

Treston : Ergonomic workbenches

Having an ergonomic packing workstation in which everything has its own place makes packing faster, reduces errors, improves safety, facilitates staff shift changes, creates a neat and tidy space, and reduces stress. Improved efficiency increases volumes and profitability.

Treston packing solutions help maximise production and speed up the packing process. The design of all Treston furniture is based on the principles of ergonomics. Treston furniture helps keep all the packaging materials within easy reach.

Treston packing solutions

  • are sturdy, stable, and of high quality
  • are modular, enabling many different configurations cost-efficiently
  • include benches that offer plenty of work surface
  • come with the widest selection of workbench accessories on the market, enabling you to create a complete solution that meets your specific needs
Materials Handling Middle East - Swisslog ItemPiQ

Swisslog, a global leader in robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions, will be showcasing its latest robot-based solution ItemPiQ, designed for repeated, reliable picking of a wide range of items to fulfill fast delivery of orders at low operating costs. With picking and palletizing making up to 60% of warehouse operational costs, the ItemPiQ robot can handle a wide variety of common products in retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries weighing up to 1.5 kg and can reach 1100 mm. By using 3D vision technology for object recognition, ItemPiQ’s unique gripper can pick up to 1,000 items per hour and allows picking of a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes, error-free.

Being one of the fastest robots today from KUKA AGILUS, ItemPiQ is operational 24/7 and can pick and place a wide range of single SKUs from a source into a target bin, measuring weight of product and identifying other metrics. 

Materials Handling Middle East - Temrex Cargo Mobile Racking

Temrex CARGO Mobile Racking

CARGO Mobile Racking is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking.

The design eliminates the need for multiple picking aisles which significantly reduces the storage area required, or alternatively doubles the storage capacity in the same size area.

The electronically controlled heavy-duty racking system runs on in-ground rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking heights of up to 12 meters. While state-of-the-art sensor technology and variable control options ensure ease of operation and absolute safety.

Each CARGO Installation is custom made so it can be tailored to your individual needs and available warehouse space, offering the ultimate in storage design.

Materials Handling Middle East - United Motors Yale VX series

Yale VX series

Diesel Forklift Trucks

  • IntellixTM Vehicle Management System with CANbus technology
  • 2 application matched Techtronix transmissions
  • Oil immersed brakes
  • ADS - Auto Deceleration System on Techtronix 100 & 200 transmission
  • Controlled roll-back
  • AccuTouch™ mini-lever and manual levers
  • Load Sensing Hydraulics available with AccuTouchTM mini levers
  • Superelastic and pneumatic radial tyres
Materials Handling Middle East - United Motors Yale MPX series

Yale MPX series

Low lift pallet truck with operator platform

  • Side and rear protection models with fixed operator platform
  • Yale AC Technology™
  • Brushless power steering motor
  • Ride-on or pedestrian operation
Materials Handling Middle East - Yes Machinery Zallys

Zallys has the widest range of utility electric vehicles available in the global market and offers pedestrian and man on board vehicles, being the ideal solution for all needs related to material handling. An excellent project & design service to meet our customers' needs in addition to our technical department at customer’s disposal to develop together new projects.